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Opinion: Two PL season candidates and one UCL winner medal


Not only is Mason Mount now finally accepted and recognized as a first-class player by his own club fans, he is now being recognized by the worldwide football community and receiving the praise he deserves.

Oddly enough, a very small portion of online Chelsea fans Mount gave a lot of stick and abuse last season and even this season; some of them did not rate him or criticize him harshly. However, most of us fans knew the player we had in our hands and he has done even more to prove it by helping the goal of seeing him and Chelsea become European champions this weekend – perfect response to the hatred.

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In addition to being European champion, Mount is now also nominated for both the season’s Premier League player this year as well as the season’s young player in the Premier League.

It’s time for us to get down to business, is he good enough? Does he create enough? Does he score enough debate?

Mason Mount creates chances in sleep and he is only second after Lionel Messi in chances created in Europe this season. Just because these have not been converted by his teammates to turn them into assists does not mean Mason Mount cannot create.

He has also come up with some very important goals in just his second season as a Premier League footballer. This kid is a ballerina and he gets better for the day. I have no doubt he is a world class player and not only that, he will also have a huge impact for England this summer, just as he has done for Chelsea this season.

He’s a quality all-around midfielder and he does SO much of the dirty work as well as the technical stuff he has it all in the closet and that’s what makes him stand out even more in the years to come. His attitude and confidence are up there with the best I have ever known.

Mount is probably only different after N’Golo Kante is written on this Chelsea team sheet right now, and that says it all you need to know.

He is highly regarded by us true fans, highly by Frank Lampard, highly by Thomas Tuchel, highly by English experts, highly by players and highly by the entire football world.

If you’re still not judging Mason Mount, it’s time to find a new sport to follow … This debate is well and truly dusty, over, gone.

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