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Tonight at 20 EST you can see Michael Phelps running a Great White Shark! As part of Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, Michael Phelps flew to Cape Town, South Africa, to swim against a Great White in a 100-meter open-water race. For safety reasons, he did not swim next to the shark and there were about 15 safety divers around. Their times were compared to identify a winner.

tv_phelps1a.jpgThe thesis is called Phelps Vs. Shark: Great Gold Vs. Great White, and although we can probably guess who wins, who knows? Great whites usually swim 10 miles per hour, but can reach up to 35 miles per hour, but Michael Phelps has won 28 Olympic medals and had a custom monofin (a single fine-tipper resembling a shark tail) to swim faster. In addition, it is much easier to ask Michael Phelps to swim in a straight line for 100 meters than a shark! We’ll have to see!

It will be fun to watch, and Phelps said swimming with sharks first in the Bahamas and then in Cape Town was incredible. He hopes his experience and show on Discovery tonight will educate others about sharks. He said, “Sharks are not out to eat us. They are like us and trying to survive. ”

Phelps will be in another show at Shark Week called Shark School with Michael Phelps, sent July 30 at. 20 EST.


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