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Predict Kyra Lewis Jr’s stats for next season


Kira Lewis Junior had a very good rookie season for the New Orleans Pelicans.

His stats won’t jump out at you but Quietly put up decent numbers For the rookie goalkeeper who has not taken advantage of a training camp or off-season to prepare.

In the regular season, he may have spent some time in the G-League but Kyra Lewis Jr. never left New Orleans and had to work when the Pelicans were injured. As soon as he got into the shift, he stayed there, which is a good sign for such a young player.

Lewis Jr. has been great at handling the ball, scoring 2.3 assists per game in just 16.7 minutes on average while rarely turning it over.

He had 124 assists for only 34, which is great for a novice. He showed his advertised pace, played better defense than advertised and showed that he would be at least an effective back-up for the New Orleans Pelicans.

So what would his sophomore stats look like?

New Orleans Pelicans: Predicting Kyra Lewis Jr’s stats next season

Lewis Jr. averaged 6.4 points and 2.3 assists, but as the season progressed, he looked more confident.

He definitely needs to improve his shot, as he only hits 38.6 percent from the ground and 33 percent from behind the arc. He often had access to paint but struggled to finish. Other Zion Williamson, the Pelican doesn’t really have anyone who can get into the driveway and finish, so that’s something they need to improve on, because they are quick to create a lot of space.

Kyra Lewis Jr. will almost certainly play a bigger role than he did this season, when he played just 16.7 minutes per game. Even if the Pelicans go out and get a veteran goalkeeper and keep the Blonzo Ball, Lewis Jr will still get minutes as the second or third goalkeeper off the bench.

If the swans let Lonzo walk, the role of Kira Lewis Jr. could expand significantly. I still won’t see him play more than 20-25 minutes per game next season, which is why I think he’ll be averaging nine points per game with 3.6 assists and steals per game.

Of course, if he improves his shot and is forced to approach 30 minutes per game, those numbers can jump.

Fans are already wondering about the choice of Kira Lewis Jr. , especially when there is Available wings that have already made the most impact in the NBA It suits the needs of swans better.

But Keira can calm all those critics by improving his shot, getting more minutes and becoming an immediate scoring threat from the bench.


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