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Premier League is set to use ‘thicker lines’ to improve marginal VAR offside calls

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Premier League officials are ready to use ‘thicker lines’ from next season in an effort to improve VAR decisions regarding offsides.

The use of VAR has created a lot of controversy since its introduction in English football with offside decisions that undoubtedly represent the most controversial and consistent grip among both players and supporters.

Fractional margins have been used since the technology was introduced, causing great frustration over targets not allowed after long delays, where millimeters are often considered.

In a move to give the advantage back to attacking players in offside situations, Sky Sports reports that thicker lines will be used next season following a presentation by Mike Riley – Professional Game Match Officials Limited [PGMOL] Chief Referee – to clubs at their annual general meeting on Thursday.

The decision comes after feedback from Premier League clubs on the use of VAR and the changes hope to avoid frustrations over fractional offside decisions.

According to the laws of the game, International Football Association Board [IFAB] do not specify a maximum line thickness, and the changes may follow the example of Eredivisie, which has left a margin for error in offside decisions.

The Dutch top flight has used 5 cm wide lines on the screen when assessing offsides, while no decisions are made if the two lines touch, which effectively gives a 10 cm margin of error in the assistant’s decision.

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