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Pro Football Hall of Fame will ignore Terrell Owens at induction ceremony: NFL: Sports World News


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The Pro Football Hall of Fame will ignore Terrell Owens at next month’s Class of 2018 induction festivities.

Owens, considered one of the best wide receivers in the fickle history of the NFL, decided not to attend the festivities after voters couldn’t get him on the first two attempts. Hall of Fame CEO Joe Horrigan said there was no point in mentioning Owens as an individual at Friday’s Gold Jacket dinner and Saturday party because the focus of the concert is on the men in attendance.

“There’s no reason to bring him in as an individual. He’s not here.” Hurrigan explained to Talk of Fame Network Host Clark Judge.

However, Hall is expected to mail Owens his gold jacket on Saturday morning. Interestingly enough, Owens bought himself a custom-made jacket last year.

Owens has her own party

Owens, 44, said he will be having his own celebrations at the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga which is an alma mater. Owens was chosen as the 89th overall pick by San Francisco 49ers from 1996 NFL Project He added that he wanted to celebrate the best weekend of his life at the place that meant the most to him.

Owens’ opening speech on August 4 at Mackenzie Arena starting at 3:17 p.m. Owens revealed that his concert is free and open to the public.

“After thinking a lot about it, I realized how much I wanted to celebrate what would inevitably be the best weekend of my life at a place that meant so much to me,” Owens Wrote on Twitter.

Yahoo Sports journalist Frank Schwab, on the other hand, believes Owens was waiting by the hall noting that the former 49er has Hall of Fame credentials. Schwab added that the Hall of Fame act without mentioning Owens was merely a way to punish the Alexander City native.

Owens has reached the Pro Bowl six times and was a member of the All-Pro five times. In addition, it was also suitable for 219 games in which he scored 15,934 yards to correspond with 153 touchdown receptions.

Aside from Owens, the 2018 class consists of Randy Moss, Brian Dawkins, Ray Lewis, Brian Urlacher, Robert Brasil, Jerry Kramer and Bobby Pittard. The Hall of Fame Awards Ceremony will be held in Canton, Ohio and will appear on NFL network on August 4th.

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