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Ranking of the top scorers in the Eurozone by goal-to-match ratio


It would be surprising if we didn’t see Cristiano Ronaldo near the top of any scorers list. After all, if there’s one thing he loves more than scoring goals, it’s record-breaking.

The Portugal captain has scored the most goals in a single Premier League season for Manchester United, the most away goals in a single season of La Liga, and the most goals in the final, semi-final and quarter-finals of the Champions League, is the only player to score More than 10 goals in 7 consecutive seasons of the Champions League, the fastest to score 150, 200 and 300 goals in La Liga, he has scored the most goals in a single season with Juventus – this is just a glimpse into his extraordinary life and extended record book.

However, the soccer icon tops the list presented here – in fact, it’s closer to the bottom than it is to the top!

Here are the 17 best goalscorers in the history of the Euro, ranked by the ratio of goals scored to the number of matches played:

player Country Goal-to-game ratio
1. Michel Platini France 1.8
2. Savo Milosevic Serbia 1.25
3. Antoine Griezmann France 0.86
4. Alan Shearer England 0.77
5. Ruud van Nistelrooy Holland 0.75
6. Patrick Kluivert Holland 0.67
7. Wayne Rooney England 0.60
8. Marco van Basten Holland 0.56
9. Thierry Henry France 0.55
10. Milan Barros Czech Republic 0.50
11. Zlatan Ibrahimovic Sweden 0.46
12. Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal 0.43
13. Nuno Gomez Portugal 0.43
14. Fernandez Torres Spain 0.38
15. Mario Gomez Germany 0.38
16. Jürgen Klinsmann Germany 0.38
17. Zinedine Zidane France 0.36


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