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Raptors shouldn’t care about Kristaps Porzingis after playoff struggles


The Toronto Raptors Probably someone More active teams In the 2021 NBA season, a lot of disgruntled stars could be available via trade if the front office is aggressive enough. One of the names that has recently reappeared after a rough comma string is Dallas Mavericks Ahead, Christaps Porsenges.

Porzingis was obtained from New York Knicks In a trade that opened up a lot of space for Knickerbockers while gaining some additional additional capital. Meanwhile, Dallas thought they’d found Luka Doncic the top 7-3 Porzingis co-star and third-tier scorer in Tim Hardaway Jr.

While Hardaway held off his end of the bargain, Porzingis played poorly against Los Angeles Clippers In the seven-match qualifying series, he racked up a large number of Latvian shares throughout the league. Porzingis himself has expressed frustration with his role as Robin to Doncic’s Batman.

If the trade is combing, could a Toronto team short of volume and in-house scoring use it? In the void, perhaps, but he has a lot of red flags surrounding him that would make trading for him impractical and illogical.

The Toronto Raptors need to avoid Christaps Porsings.

Porzingis’ regular season stats 20.1 points, 8.9 rebounds and 1.3 blocks Per game at 47% firing and 36% off 3-point range seems solid, and this may be what prompted the Raptors to snoop its commercial market earlier in the year. But the Clippers series changed everything, and destroyed its value.

Putting in 13 points and five rebounds per game while Doncic was making a Hercules effort is bad enough, but doing so while getting paid more than players like Giannis Antetokonmo and Bradley Beal shows the nightmare of his contract now. He’s disappointing on the court, and doesn’t have enough to justify his hefty salary.

Not only has the slim-framed 7-3 already missed an entire season with an ACL injury he sustained during the second half of his sophomore year, but he also hasn’t played in more than 65 games since his rookie year. Expensive, poorly played in the post-season, and injury prone? no thanks!

Ideally, Porzingis would be a strong #2 on the quality team. However, he plays like No. 3 while making the No. 1 money, which is not an attractive combination for any team that wants to bring him into town. It looks like Porzingis is stuck in Dallas unless some idiot thinks they have the tools to fix it.


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