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Rivals Ranking Week: Updated DL Rankings


Irish fighting rose Georgia for the best defensive line class in this ranking update. Brian KellyThe Rivals250 recruitment category has two possibilities, the first being Tyson Ford. The defensive end from Missouri had a strong showing in Indianapolis Rivals Camp Stayed inside Rivals100.

defensive end Aiden Jubera It jumped to a four-star rank and landed inside the Rivals250. Three-star high defensive tackle Donovan Hinch Really helped pay off our lady over the top.

Georgia came in too short with commitments from a five-star defensive tackle western photos The Rivals250 defensive end Darice SmithBoth are in the state.

With so few outstanding defensive linemen committed at this point in the recruiting process, there are plenty of teams vying for some of the best teams in the country. Alabama It’s no surprise to make this list. The Crimson Tide competes for the new five-star category Danny Dennis Sutton And the Michael Williams, Rivals100 recruits Marvin Jones Jr.And the Kenyatta JacksonAnd the Geerts BerryAnd the Caden CarryAnd the Garay BledsoeAnd the Quincy WigginsAnd the Zaxavian Harris, Rivals250 horizons Alex van Someren, And the Judge Finkley and four stars DJ Weisolak And the Dion Walker. The tides are trying to get in Jeremiah Alexander, who had committed to their program earlier in the process, to recommit.

Georgia He has a lot of defensive goals in common with Alabama. Dennis-Sutton is a big target for both of them, along with Harris, Walker, Williams and Alexander. Kirby Smart And his crew is also targeting travis showAnd the Jihad CampbellAnd the Kristen MillerAnd the Kano’s heroAnd the Nigalik KellyAnd the Antavius ​​WoodyAnd the Shemar StewartAnd the Mario Eugenio And the samuel writing.

stay in SEC, Florida The Gators are trying to renew their defensive front with Williams, Alexander, Campbell, and Wesolak, Chris McClellanAnd the Nick James, And the Cyrus Moss. Florida fans should also like where they stand at this point with a five-star defensive tackle Walter Nolen.

in order not to be outdone by their competitors within the state, Florida He tries to make a move with Williams, Jones Jr., Woody, Anthony LucasAnd the Archbishop ThomasAnd the caleb artistAnd the Travion Williams, And the Horace Lockett. Four new stars Nigalik Kelly She used to stick to the Seminoles and Mike Norville And his staff loves to bring him back into the fold.

Clemson He hopes to land some of these key targets on the defensive line. Her top priority at this point is Shaw, a five-star defensive tackle, but this is a tight race between the Tigers and Georgia and North Carolina. Alexander loved his last visit to Clemson, and now the tigers could be his favourite. Weisolak, Carrie, Campbell, Kelly, Woody, Moss, and J’Mond Tap are just a few of the other important goals of Clemson.

when Walter Nolen Unexpectedly writing on Twitter that he is shutting down his recruitment process on Sunday, the entire recruiting world waited on pins and needles to see if a commitment was coming. The immediate commotion subsided for the time being, but this recruitment process was clearly exhausting him.

The GatorsDespite this, they must be excited about the momentum they got during his visit to Gainesville over the weekend. They will need to do everything they can to maintain the momentum, because visits to GeorgiaAnd the MichiganAnd the Alabama And the LSU You are scheduled to be on the road.

Nolin clearly had a plan in mind before June, but the unexpected nature of his Sunday tweet makes it seem as if his plan is on shaky ground and commitment could come at any time.


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