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San Diego mom amazingly fishes while holding her baby


Just another day for being a mom.

Just another day for being a mom.
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Is there anythingOm can not do? It’s an overused phrase, I know. But this is very true. I’d like to imagine that someone, somewhere, actually has a list of all things super moms Could you do there. Now, it’s time to add the “Foul ball, mom with baby in hand” to the file.

In the sixth game of yesterday’s Chicago Cubs – San Diego Padres game, Cubs’ Jake Marisnick fouled Yu Darvish into the seats behind first base.

The ball hit the upper deck, bounced hard at field level, and headed toward a woman in a Mane Machado jersey. However, she only had one hand.

In any other situation, I would expect a parent to protect their child from a foul ball – especially if said child is an infant. But that is not what happened here.

The mother bent backwards to break down The ball is in her right hand while keeping the child in her left hand.

I mean, this is probably the catch of the year in or out of diamonds.

You can watch the entire clip below.

One announcer said, “That’s a nice grab, be careful with the little one, though.”

This year, we’ve already seen some players try to pick up bad balls or run on their turf With nachos And full glass (plastic) from beer. This wasn’t good, they did it, guys.

A few years ago, though, we saw a dad cut a foul ball naked while his daughter naps on his lap.

Is there anything a mother can’t do? After watching this video, the answer should be “no” again.



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