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Sasha Banks names “The biggest women’s fight ever”


Sasha Banks has fought in many great battles. However, there is one struggle that sticks out in her mind as the greatest women’s struggle ever. That fight was when she faced Bayley on NXT Takeover: Brooklyn.

Banks recently talked about the fight while they were on Just Women’s Sports podcast.

“It’s the most talked about fight, really in the history of women’s wrestling, and I’m so grateful for that fight because it really changed the game for everything in the women’s industry. I remember that match clearly because it was two months before I was called to the main list and finally I reached Raw, which was my dream since I was a 10-year-old child and I was the NXT Women’s Champion, ”the banks said. (transcripts via Fighting).

“We are at TakeOver: Brooklyn, the first time out of Florida and NXT is in front of a large audience. We were equal WWE brand due to Sasha Banks, Bayley, Sami Zayn, Find Balor. I wanted to leave a lasting impression of what I wanted my name and heritage to be in NXT before I was called up and dropped the title. I wanted to show them; first and foremost, we should have been the main event. Secondly, I wanted to make sure they remembered this fight for the rest of their lives. I wanted the match to be the biggest women’s fight ever, and it happened to be the biggest women’s fight ever. “ The banks continued.

Sasha Banks has been out of Smackdown since shortly after dropping the title to Bianca Belair. She has probably been or is preparing to film content for her role in Star Wars franchise.


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