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“Season crossed out!” – Pro devoured by…


The European Tour confirmed that Q-School has been canceled for the second year in a row.

As a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the European Tour made the decision to freeze the rankings for the 2021 season, which in turn saw Q-School cancel annually.

Although rankings will not be frozen this year, a new safety net is being introduced accordingly Report from Golf Digest, which will see all current European Tour players retain their membership.

The detrimental effect of this is that the eligible school is canceled again for 2021.

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“Unfortunately, due to the pandemic and demands to host multiple events in different countries within a short period of time, the qualifying school did not take place in 2020 and will not take place in 2021 either,” a short statement on the EU Tour website said.

News of the cancellation shook the world of professional golf under the European Tour.

“I was stunned by the news,” said Tiger Adams, a member of the Clutch Pro Tour and Jamega Tour. bunkered.co.uk. “It’s the biggest event of the year and all the tournaments I play are going to be in the pipeline for it. So removing that again defeats a lot of the purpose of those small-round events.

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“To cancel, it reduces our chances almost entirely. For guys like me to progress without Q-School, you just have the EuroPro top-5 Medal of Merit and then an individual invitation to the winners of a mini-tour event. So unless you win on 160-player pitches over the past two seasons, They were crossed out before they even started.”

Although the European Tour points to the demands of hosting tournaments in different countries in the current climate, Adams, who has finished top 25 in his short runs this season, questions the legitimacy of the logic.

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“Obviously, with travel restrictions changing every day and the use of bubbles on the tour, I can see what a nightmare it would be,” added England’s Adams. “On the other hand, if the normal tour events are going on, it’s hard not to think about why that wouldn’t happen.”



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