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Some Friday pieces


Morning. A very fast today because not much is happening, I have to be somewhere early this morning and I have used up a lot of creative juice this week. Thank God for the euros to give some football talk points in the next few weeks.

Have we sold anyone?


Although it is assumed that Granit Xhaka’s transfer to Roma is ready to go through immediately. However, that has been the case pretty much all week, and it hasn’t happened yet. There was some talk that it happened before the euro, so there is all day Friday, but then they start.

Switzerland will not play until … Saturday. So maybe there are a few more hours. In an interview with the Swiss press yesterday, Xhaka refused to talk about a potential transfer, but had a few words about the season right away.

He says:

“Football is a team sport and you are only as good as your team. Of course it was a good year for me personally, I have always played and performed, but the place at the end of the season is obviously really bitter and disappointing for us. ”

I think he played well for the most part, but these Burnley games are something of a stain. It’s like a waiter saying “I was waiting well”, and easily forgot the bowl of hot soup that he spilled in the lap of an important guest, leaving him with a badly scalded mickey, and then the second time, instead of to bring a medium rarely Beef Rib he served slices of his own shit.

Still, let’s see what happens there. Doesn’t seem like much is happening to anyone else yet.

Have we bought any?



Is anything related to some of our goals?

Well, Ajax goalkeeper Andre Onana (what’s my name) got his ban reduced by four months, which means he can play again in November rather than February. He may also return to training in September.

However, it is still a very complicated situation because it is in itself a bit unusual to sign players who have been banned for doping offenses. Then there is the whole situation at Arsenal. We’re already looking for a goalkeeper to back Bernd Leno, but what if Leno wants to join? Is there anyone buying Leno anyway?

Do we pull the trigger on Onana now and get him at a knock-down price, then we suck the few months he is banned? Ajax may prefer some money now instead of no money later when he can travel on a free next summer. But next summer he may have all sorts of options, so he might want to wait.

He might also want to join us now, but if we bring him in and get a back-up goalkeeper, can we have three goalkeepers in a season when we need to trim the squad? It does not look like it would be a particularly healthy situation unless you did not get a backup, kept one like Alex Runarsson and then let Leno and Onana scrap it out when he was available.

However, a Leno injury / suspension during that period leaves you with a sub-par keeper, and that’s too great a risk, especially for a manager who knows he does not have much margin of error next season. In short, I do not know what is going to happen, but there is plenty of time for it to play out, and I am quite sure that we will be able to find the most complicated, difficult way to do it. the most inappropriate time.

I love this football club etc. Etc.

Anything else?

The euro starts tonight, so it’s good, a football packed a few weeks ahead with some very interesting games. France against Germany on Tuesday looks particularly tasty.

For a little extra reading this morning, Tim explores the very real possibility that we are not able to do all the things we would rather have done in a single transfer window and how some ‘internal solutions’ could be useful. Check it out here.

For now, I’ll leave you with a brand new Arsecast where Clive Palmer talks to me about the transfer window selling players at the right time, what this summer will tell us about our direction under Mikel Arteta and Edu and more. All the links you need to listen / subscribe are below, or just find us in your favorite podcast app.

See you later.


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