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TaylorMade TP Hydro Blast rackets – first look!


TaylorMade has just given its premium line of TP putter a new lease on life by introducing the stunning Hydro Blast look.

The new collection includes seven traditional head shapes that traditionalists among you will love.

From the smooth, flowing bends of Soto and Chaska models to the sharp lines of Bandon, the range offers a variety of fully milled putters to suit any golfer’s eye and stroke.

A stream of high pressure water is applied to the 303 stainless steel heads to give the Hydro Blast a rich, premium and durable look.

Soft and strong 303 stainless steel is milled to create stunning head shapes and also helps provide the feel we all want from a premium racket.


Each model is equipped with the same White Pure Roll Insert that has helped propel TaylorMade’s Spider X to more than a dozen Tour wins since 2019.

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It features 45-degree downward grooves, designed to improve rolling properties by producing an improved top spin to help the ball start rolling from the end sooner.

“We’ve relied on precision grinding and the new Hydro Blast finish to deliver the artisanal look of this family of premium racquets. With clean aesthetics, timeless molding and a superior feel, we’ve blended modern and traditional to create a new class of classics,” said Bill Price, TaylorMade Product Creation, Putter. & Wedge.

Now let’s dive a little deeper into the models presented.

Taylor Made Hydroplast Soto


One for the purists, this classic shaped razor features a pleasingly rounded, flowing edge.

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The clean look features a single sight line on the rear bore, with minimal distractions designed to inspire confidence and an exceptional feel after hit after hit.

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Equipped with an L-shaped neck opening, the traditional blade produces 40 degrees of toe suspension, resulting in a putter that fits your best with a strong arc in the stroke.

Taylor Made Hydroplast Del Monte

Del Monte

With a shorter blade length and wider front-to-rear footprint, the Del Monte has a straighter profile which translates to a hammer-like appearance while maintaining the feel of the blade.

It comes in two models, one with an L-shaped hole and one with a single hose.

With 29 degrees of toe suspension, the L-Neck suits players who do moderate face rotations throughout the swing, while the single bend hose provides a more balanced flip-up effect (only 8 degrees of toe suspension) for those with more straight-back and upright rotation. through movement.

Taylor Made Hydroplast Bandon


This round-inspired double wing design helps frame the ball in the title and encourages tolerance through enhanced circumference weighting.

Bandon was actually the first TP Hydro Blast model to appear on tour, and find its way into it Tommy Fleetwood bag.

Fleetwood has a long history of using blade putters, and because this model features a 22-degree angle of finger suspension, it made the transition to a hammer-shaped head seamless.

“For Tommy, the center of the strike was a huge reason why he turned to Bandon,” said Adrian Rietveld, TaylorMade Tour’s senior representative.

“Furthermore, he is very comfortable with the shape of the racket and he has said that it helps him with the alignment,” he added.

Bandon 3 is the second iteration of this model. It features a short, slanted hose with increased toe suspension (32°) for blade-like performance within a hammer design.

taylor med hydro plast du beige


As a modern take on traditional hammer design, DuPage relies on unique optical alignment cues and a double-hole bore to help frame the ball in the title. This balanced racket racket features a single curve slot for players with a straight back and straight stroke.

Taylor Made Hydro Blast Chaska


This unique design revisits the design of the original TaylorMade Corza Ghost with the familiar circular alignment assist at the rear of the racket and three sight lines at the top. With rounded lines, adjustable sole weights, and three front sight lines, the design provides exceptional stability and easy alignment.

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It is a balanced face and is best suited for players with a straight back and straight through the motion position.

Available: June 11



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