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Team India’s sponsor has launched the limited edition fan shirts


Ahead of the World Test Championship final, MPL Sports, the Indian team’s kit sponsor, has unveiled the limited edition fan jerseys.

Priced at Rs 4,999, a total of 250 T-shirts are on sale at mplsports.in. “We wanted to do something special for all the cricket fans in the country to cheer on Team India in their own way and enjoy the excitement as we aim to make a historic finish to the Finals in Southampton,” Abhishek Madhavan, Senior Vice President, Growth and Marketing, MPL and MPL Sports, said. sports stars.

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“This limited edition fan jersey is a celebration of the team’s historic journey to the Finals of the first ever Test Championship. As the Official Collection Sponsor of the Indian Cricket Team, and through our partnership with BCCI, our goal is to make more of these official merchandise available to all cricket fans to show their support for the team”

Although no customization options are available, the jerseys are made from jacquard, a fabric widely used in international soccer and cricket kits. “Our target audience is every cricket fan in India who wants to support and encourage the team,” Madhavan said.

India will face New Zealand in the World Trials Final in Southampton from June 18.



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