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The wisest team of players in Test cricket


Test cricket is arguably the purest form of the game and has been since its inception in 1877. Despite the extravagant nature of limited-edition cricket, Test cricket has its own place in the hearts of purists and is unlikely to be gone any time soon. Hence, most of the upcoming cricketers would like to play the longest form and accumulate as many records as possible.

As such, there were a large number of players who came and went and conquered test cricket by achieving countless records. While a large number of players get to represent their country in Test cricket, only a few of them manage to play a massive number of Tests. Their longevity often serves as an example to their teammates or citizens and also to maintain the levels of fitness required to survive longer.

We take a look at the team’s most capped players in Test cricket:

Zimbabwe – Grant Flower:

Grant Flower. (Credits: Twitter)

Zimbabwe started their Test cricket journey in 1992 by playing their first Test cricket against Harare. However, Zimbabwe have so far only participated in 124 Tests since their five-day opening match 29 years ago. Of these, the African country has won only 13, with seven of them over Bangladesh, while Zimbabwe has also beaten Pakistan and India three times and two times each.

Meanwhile, the most capped quiz player is Grant Flower. Grant Flower appeared in 67 Tests, scoring 3,457 points in 29.54, along with six centuries. Flower’s highest score came with 201* against Pakistan in Harare in 1995, while his last Test was in 2004 against Bangladesh in Bulawayo. Currently, he is working as a batting coach in Sri Lanka and previously worked for Pakistan.


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