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This stupid Red Sox fan on the field got very close to the Astros


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If you see a file Astros lose 12-8 on TV Thursday night at Fenway Park, you might not have realized that a runaway sixth inning that featured the Red Sox cruising around, two falling balls and a load of walking, also featured a shirtless fan blasting off the field.

As usual, the fan didn’t appear on the broadcast, but he was there and got dangerously close to Astros shooter Inoli Paredes and catch Martin Maldonado.

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The fan’s intent seemed more exciting rather than causing any real damage. He jumped off the right field benches and sprinted toward the home plate while waving his shirt over his head. He cuts the road between the bowler’s hill and the house before he is confronted by Fenway Park security as Paredes and Maldonado walk away from work.


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