Home Sports News Two Ohio State football officials think more is coming soon.

Two Ohio State football officials think more is coming soon.


The dead enlistment period was called off, and we saw the gates wide open for a slew of current commitments and other prospects for visiting Columbus and the Ohio State University campus over the weekend.

All the reviews from the weekend seem to say the visits are going very well. In fact, we’ve seen a number of current expectations and commitments tell the world How did it all go? on Twitter.

Two of the current commitments for the 2022 recruitment category have done more than just hint at some important news coming after the weekend. Linebacker CJ Hicks and wide receiver Caleb Burton both think there will be more welcome to the Buckeye family after all the fun this weekend.

Ohio State offers a better view than almost any other program when there are children on campus. The program has been waiting to show some of the best possibilities in the country what the city of Columbus, the Ohio State University campus and the program as a whole have to offer.

It’s not hard not to believe that we’ll see some commitments come in pretty soon as a result of last weekend and through the rest of June. As any news develops, we will of course have it available to you here at Buckeyes Wire.

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