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Vanderbilt’s Kumar Ruker scored 11 in Super Regional win over East Carolina


Kumar Rucker hit 11 for Vanderbilt.

Kumar Rucker hit 11 for Vanderbilt.
picture: AP

This is unfair, man.

Vanderbilt University may have two best prospects for promotion in Major League Baseball next month, and one of them sat 11 in the Super Regional today.

Kumar Rucker, who is 6-foot-5 and 245 pounds, is part of a 1-2-all-time college rotation punch completed by Jack Leiter, son of Al, who is also seen as an elite prospect. Today, 1st College Baseball Super Regional Vanderbilt on #RoadToOmaha, #4, closed #13 at East Carolina 2-0, who play again tomorrow in Game 2 of the series. (The College World series begins June 19.)

The upcoming 2021 MLB Draft begins on July 11. Rocker, the sixth and third overall selection of the board in mlb.com’s latest model project-Cut the ECU by allowing only 3 times during Scoring 11 runs in 7 runs. As a result, he now has 64 hits hit in 42 pitch postseason.

And then, there is already seeing it.

He’s had one of the most vicious skaters in college baseball for many years, and ECU’s Bryson Worrell has struggled the hard way today.

As the game progressed, so did others.

Rucker has reinvented himself in a significant way this year after canceling the 2020 season right after work began due to COVID-19. As a freshman in 2019, he apparently won Each major student of the year award, went 2-0 with a 1.46 ERA in the 2019 College World Series, where he won the Champion Commodores MVP award, and even threw Vandy’s first since 1971, hitting 19. This season, Rocker has a 12-3 record to 16 starts, 144 K until 98 and innings and 2.65 pm before today.

Dude’s things are straight up dirty. Fortunately for East Carolina, they’ve outgrown that. aFortunately for them, though, is that Leiter is not on the series yet.

Also… Jerry Stackhouse sang the national anthem for what it’s worth.



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