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Vitality Netball Superleague: Round 19 Talking Points | netball news


The race for playoffs continues as Saracens Mavericks look to move forward after their win over the Wasps (Image credit – Ben Lumley)

As the race to finish last continues, we look at the key talking points ahead of Round 19 of the Vitality Netball Superleague.

Weekend action begins on Sunday at noon, with the Wasps playing their final regular season game against Surrey Storm. Then, fans at London’s Copper Box Arena will enjoy three more matches, including the Saracens Mavericks meeting with Team Bath Netball.

The Mavericks will then have a quick turnaround ahead of their game against the London Pulse at 5.15pm on Monday, before Loughborough Lightning vs. Manchester Thunder complete the round.

Every match from Round 19 will be broadcast on Sky Sports Channel on YoutubeMonday’s competitions will remain live Sky Sports Mix.

Vitality Netball Superleague – Round 19

Sunday – 12 pm Surrey Storm vs. Wasps
Sunday – 2 pm Strathclyde Sirens vs Celtic Dragons
Sunday – 4 pm Bath netball vs Saracens Mavericks
Sunday – 6 pm London Palace vs Severn Stars
Monday – 5.15 pm London Pulse vs Saracens Mavericks
Tuesday – 7.15 pm Loughborough Lightning vs Manchester Thunder

The race for the top four

Let’s start with the race for the top four, shall we? With two rounds to go to the Wasps, Leeds Rhinos Netball, Strathclyde Sirens and Sarcens Mavericks all have a chance of finishing fourth and reaching the semi-finals on June 26.

With each team remaining a different number of games, from the Mavericks with three games to the Wasp only having one, they can drop to the last game of the regular season.

Vitality Netball Superleague Top Four Race الأربعة

wasps (4) Leeds Rhinos (5th) Stratclyde Siren (6) Saracens Mavericks (seventh)
Points: 31 Points: 30 Points: 29 Points: 28
May 29 Team bath (L)
May 30 Loughborough Lightning (L) Saracens Mavericks (W) Stratclyde Siren (L)
May 31 Saracens Mavericks (L) Surrey Storm (W) Wasps (W)
June 13 Sari Storm Celtic Dragon Bath team
June 14 London pulse
June 20 London pulse Manchester Thunder Sari Storm
June 21 Celtic Dragon
Maximum number of points 34 points 36 points 35 points 37 points

The hornets this weekend will be looking to finish higher. Mel Mansfield’s side will battle Storm knowing all they can do is win, and then wait!

Sirens and Mavericks still have one semi-finalist already qualified; Thunder to Sirens and Bath to a publication.

Meanwhile, Dan Ryan’s Leeds Rhinos Netball must not let this weekend loosen their focus. In round 20, they have meetings with the London Pulse and Celtic Dragons.

If the results are according to the model book, then both Rhinos and Mavericks will be in the driving seat, but if the Superleague season has taught us anything, it’s that everything can change in the blink of an eye!

Creating “inconveniences” is high on the teams’ agendas

Speaking of the Model Book, in rounds 19 and 20, the teams outside of the quartet vying for fourth place are all very focused on finishing their seasons on high notes.

Everyone will be looking to create an upward trajectory to make sure they take that momentum into next season, and there is Fast5’s place on the line.

Across the board, players may be looking to show their worth in order to secure contracts for next season, and Celtic Dragons have the added element of wanting to give their departing coach – Tanya Hoffman – the gift of letting go of another win.

Lightning with food for thought

For Loughborough Lightning, who qualified for the semi-finals in mid-May, his next two matches will be against Thunder and Bath.

The competitions pose an interesting question, because there’s a good chance Lightning will need to take on one, or indeed both, again in the weekend finals.

“We’ve been talking a lot as a coaching team, about how much you’re throwing in those two games versus how much you’re keeping,” said Olivia Murphy. Sky Sports.

“It doesn’t mean we can keep a lot of secrets because we have the same team. But we do play around with that a little bit in our conversations, which is really interesting.

The coaching staff at Loughborough Lightning knows all about first-round netball and matches (Image credit - Ben Lumley)

The coaching staff at Loughborough Lightning knows all about first-round netball and matches (Image credit – Ben Lumley)

“We are in the lucky position that we have already qualified for the semi-finals,” added Sarah Beeman. “In 2019, we were canceling on the last day of the season to reach the semi-finals, at that point you don’t worry about what you’re going to show or who your progress is, you’re just fighting for your life.

“This season, we have the luxury of making those decisions about the path we’re going. It’s all about making sure we get better from this week to the next, and then we get to the semi-finals and hopefully the final.”

While Murphy and Byman have spent time deliberating on Lightning’s path forward, the savvy coaches and former internationals know the value of momentum and the importance he has at this point in the season.

Will the Mavericks do the doubling down on Bath?

At 4 p.m. on Sunday afternoon, the Saracens Mavericks will take to the field against Bath knowing they are the only team to beat them this season.

The Mavericks arrive from the back of an incredibly important victory over the Hornets And he’ll know another win over Bath will greatly boost their first four hopes.

Bath, the most capped franchise in Superleague history, has racked up 9 consecutive wins. As positive as it is, they have enough experience within their team to know it’s time to find additional gear.

If the Mavericks manage to finish fourth and Bath finishes in the lead, this Round 19 competition will be a prelude to one of the Superleague semi-finals on June 26.

As has been said throughout the season, the Mavericks have the talent and potential within their team to beat anyone in their day. When they get it right, they can be extraordinary, but the big question is will they reach their step on Sunday? Consistency hasn’t been their strong point so far this season.

For Bath, it’s very simple…they have a score to be leveled with the Mavericks and that makes them dangerous.

Across the field, one-on-ones are great; Layla Guscoth vs Kadeen Corbin, Eboni Usoro-Brown vs Ine-Mari Venter or Brit Clarke and then at the other end, Kim Borger vs Razia Quashie.

Sasha Corbin and Serena Guthrie are going to deliver incredible midfield rhythm, and if both teams play to their full potential, it could be a Premier League netball game.

Sky Sports is your home for netball. The Vitality Netball Superleague continues with Round 19 on Sunday, with four consecutive matches broadcasting on Sky Sports’ YouTube channel from 12 noon.



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