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What is the most encouraging report from the Detroit Lions minicamp?


Offseason is typically a time of optimism across the league, but few fan bases feel a greater change in mood than Lions fans. Gone is the old, rigid regime and in comes the new coaching staff full of lively personalities and a chance for something new (and hopefully also new results on the field).

We are still very early in the league year, but there are already some significant differences across the team. A new class of rookies and free agents have found their way to Detroit along with Jared Goff. Meanwhile, there are plenty of returning players hoping to find new life under Dan Campbell’s command.

Today’s questions for the day are:

What is the most encouraging report from Lions minicamp?

My response: There are actually a lot of things that like about this Lions team, but I think one of the biggest positive things I stick to is Goffs and TJ Hockenson’s chemistry. It’s no secret that Detroit largely ignored the wide receiver position, and that means running backs and tight ends play an important role.

Hockenson made some great strides as a sophomore and is now cementing himself as one of the game’s top ends. Expectations would always be hard to meet given his draft position, but having a quarterback like Goff can benefit him in terms of use in offense.

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