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With Julio Jones shipping to Titans, you can take a look at recipients’ unforgettable deals and who’s earned them


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The Tennessee Titans received: Julio Jones, 2023 sixth round pick

Atlanta Falcons received: 2022 second round and 2023 in the fourth round

How did it end? Now for Julio. Jones got what he wanted by leaving the floundering Falcons team. The futuristic Hall-of-Fame wide receiver was arguably the best receiver of his generation, the all-time leader in receiving yardage per game (95.5). The Falcons are clearly in the process of rebuilding (whether they want to admit it or not), and an aging superstar isn’t meeting their needs. The Titans, who competed in the AFC Championship in 2019, now, with Jones and AJ Brown, have the best wide tandem receiver in the NFL, and are aiming for a deep playoff. It’s hard to imagine any return on trade working for the hawks.

Trading a high-profile wide receiver is a risky move. While everyone hopes and dreams of a business that works like Diggs moving between Minnesota and Buffalo, it rarely does. All too often, replacing a receiver on a large scale is a desperate resignation by a general manager who knows his team and is likely also elites.



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