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World ParaVolley e-learning platform launched on June 15 > World ParaVolleyWorld ParaVolley


World ParaVolley has worked hard over the past months to assemble the initial phase of E-ParaVolley, an online LMS that provides possibilities for individuals to learn more about World ParaVolley and embark on artistic education paths.

The program was made possible largely as a result of two grants from the International Paralympic Committee – one from the NPCDP-IF funding stream, and one from the GSI COVID-19 Relief Fund stream.

In this first case, the platform offers Tier 1 and Tier 2 (theory) classification courses, and Tier 2 training courses. Although these are beta programs designed to test the system, they are certainly part of the formal certification path.

Participants were selected for the initial rounds as a result of a successful expression of interest request sent to World ParaVolley membership. The response to the application has been excellent, with WPV welcoming over 90 interested applicants from diverse backgrounds, and from all WPV regions.

“We were very pleased with the pool of applicants who responded with expressions of interest,” said Phil Allen, Managing Director of WPV. “Unfortunately not all of those who responded will be able to participate in this initial wave of courses due to limited capacity, but we now have a very good list of names to draw on for upcoming courses, which bodes well for the future.”

E-ParaVolley will have a significant impact on the number of people the Federation can directly reach and influence. The system is not just a one-off webinar offering, but is built on the ideas of active blended learning and continuing education.

In the future, the LMS platform will contain general educational materials that can be accessed by anyone, as well as formal technical training courses.


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