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YONEX EXBOLT 0.63 mm | Badminton


This is what I found after 1 technical defense training + 1 match session.

Court review (doubles) for the EXBOLT 63 (Astrox 88S, 30/33 lbs):


Everyone knows that any high-tension sting can get a high pitched tone, but I found the EXBOLT63 to ring longer with some sort of sharp ceramic effect on it while in the background a discouraging tone for me related to the extra hold time I found on the chain.

Return service:

I felt in control of the transmission and got a good dip on the shuttle. On the comeback and third shot I felt the launch time was fast but smooth, and due to the extra hold time I felt I could put the shuttle where I wanted and the angle was sharper.


The repulsion is really amazing which to me meant that my sometimes very short lifts got quite long and before the extra thrust calibration some of the lifts were a few 0.5m above the baseline.

The standby time is much better than expected and to me that meant that my drives felt more in control and almost on the opponent’s side. My choice of direction was clearer and shuttle placement was more precise.

I had a lot of control over the shorter net play both straight and across the field, like the shuttle collapsed too quickly after the tape.

I felt really comfortable in my defense because of the added aversion I felt in the EXBOLT 63. From any pressured situation I could easily get away with a really good lever.


I was really afraid I would lose some depth on my next attack from AB Boost (30/33lbs with 15% pre-stretch) to EXBOLT63. But the extra repulsion with surprisingly good grip time seemed to be naturally sharper with the quick release but also with plenty of depth and control on the full hits. Stick smash was amazing, dropping shots really fast and chopping the shuttle A-OK.

In general, I would say EXBOLT 63 for me is:

Remarkably good repulsion, quick release with amazing hold time and really durable with little to no tension lost.



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