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You can watch some NFL games on Prime Video and Twitch starting this week


The 2020 NFL season is a weird and unusual one thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, but it hasn’t changed Amazon’s partnership with the league.

There may not be crowds on most games and spontaneous postponements can happen at any time, but you can still watch weekly Thursday night football games on Prime Video and Twitch starting with the Oct. 8 matchup between the Chicago Bears and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This is the fourth season in a row where TNF has been available digitally through Amazon platforms.

Other things remarkable games The schedule for Prime and Twitch includes matchups between the Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills next week and the Green Bay Packers and San Francisco 49ers in early November. Viewers can choose to watch with the standard Fox commentary team from Joe Buck and Troy Aikman or an alternate feed with analysts Hannah Storm and Andrea Kremer.

There will also be one new feed hosted by ex-NFL scouts Bucky Brooks and Daniel Jeremiah, along with a lot of pregame coverage in the weeks leading up to Thursday night games on Twitch Sports channel. Four TV, iOS and Android users can take advantage of the “X-Ray” feature to also watch repetitions of specific games in the middle of games.

Thursday night games have a bit of a negative reputation in the NFL world, as matchups are often unconvincing on paper (Sunday and Monday nights usually have better teams), and a short practice week can result in poor play. That said, watching live sports without cable can be a pain, and there are probably plenty of wires out there with easy access to Prime Video and / or Twitch.

If you are seriously ready for any football, this is much better than nothing, even if it means watching a 42-year-old Tom Brady try to outdo a Bears offense that can be generously called “not seen.”

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