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Meiko Satomura dismantles Kay Lee Ray for NXT UK Women’s Championship


Meiko Satomura is the new NXT UK Women’s Champion dethroning Kay Lee Ray and complete her government formation in the process.

The two warriors took each other to boundaries in an incredible battle that saw “Final Boss” come victorious and new champion.

The fight was everything it was supposed to be, passionate, intense and brilliant. Each wrestler controlled parts of the match, Satomura with her signature of strong style and Ray with her never-say-die attitude created a breathtaking spectacle.

The two exchanged brutal attacks and even used each other’s finishers to try to get the job done. The back-and-forth battle continued with crushing movements and cardiac arrest almost falling. Then Satomura hit a driver for the Death Valley before Scorpio Rising kicks off to end Ray’s epic 649-day reign.

Satomura joined NXT UK earlier this year and only challenged Ray to the title in his second match. The Japanese legend failed on this occasion. But she fought back in battle to finally knock Kay Lee Ray out of the top of the mountain.

What did you do for the match and Meiko Satomura as the new NXT UK Women’s Champion? Sounds in the comments below. Stay up to date with Diva Dirt for all your news, reviews and updates from the world of women wrestling.


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