3 Teams That Could Sign Gary Trent Jr. on the presentation paper

Toronto Raptors The free agency will prove once and for all what parts the front office deems necessary to win next year and which can be offered in exchange for parts. One incredibly interesting case is that of Gary Trent Jr. And its free restricted agency, like his next contract May form the scope of Toronto’s summer plans.

Trent was the compensation for Norman Powell After Toronto shipped him to the Portland Trail Blazers, he responded by raising his registration numbers to 16.2 per game Thanks to his growing responsibility with birds of prey. Trent looks like a long-term solid, but it’s technically in the open market.

Trent’s restricted free agency means any team can sign him on an offer sheet, but the Raptors have the ability to match said contract and keep it in Toronto if they so choose. While Trent not returning to Toronto would be a wholly unexpected event, that wouldn’t stop the teams from sprinting towards it.

The Raptors need to look at one of these three teams in the off-season, where they can try to take Trent out of them and turn the young sniper into a part of their young core by giving him a deal beyond what Toronto feels comfortable with.

These three teams could sign Toronto Raptors stud Gary Trent Jr.

TAMPA, FL – APRIL 18: Darius Bazley #7 of the Oklahoma City Thunder nets as Utah Watanabe #18 of the Toronto Raptors (Photo by Douglas P. Devils/Getty Images)

3. Oklahoma City Thunder

The Oklahoma City Thunder He’ll be quick to tell you that they’re building for the future, as both Paul George and Russell Westbrook’s trade frankly made an outrageous amount of venture capital. They need to put some superstars on this list soon, as they risk wasting both the rookie contract and the main contract of Shai Gilgeous-Alexander.

If there was one area that Thunder could use an injection of scoring right away, it was the back area. While their first-round selection for a player could easily be used to pair up with the SGA in the backcourt, the combination of Trent, Gilgeous-Alexander and a first-round selection to be named later with Theo Maledon on the bench is a very exciting thing lined up.

Thunder can use a player like Gary Trent Jr.

At a certain point, the Thunder have to turn their choices and space cover into players. You can’t keep collecting shots or try to make nine first-round picks all on the same list. A player like Trent fits perfectly into their schedule, and they can try to compete with Toronto for his services.

Thunder could be in a position to be one of the few teams still under the roof of next season, which often heralds the start of a big signing wave. Trent’s schedule matches Oklahoma City’s building plan, and may force Toronto to match an eye-watering offering that further affects this list.

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