Blind did not consider playing in Euro 2020 after the Christian Eriksen incident

Inter Milan playmaker Christian Eriksen was one of the best in the Premier League during his time at Tottenham. It was disturbing to see him suffer a cardiac arrest during the match between Denmark and Finland on Saturday.

Former Manchester United’s Daley Blind knows what it’s like to suffer from a heart disease – still playing but with an implanted defibrillator – and he has responded to Eriksen’s fears by revealing that he was considering not playing at Euro 2020 as a result. .

In a speech to the Dutch television station NOS, the Dutch international said: “[Saturday] had a huge impact on me. Besides the fact that I know Christian Eriksen well as a friend, the situation for him is terrible.

“Of course, I also experienced a few things in this area, so I had to overcome a mental obstacle to play. I had a lot of problems with it, but I’m proud I did. Then all the feeling comes out for a while.

“I have definitely thought about not participating. The pictures and the moment had a big impact and I did not sleep very well because of them. I really had to overcome a major obstacle to do this. ”

The Dane has also broken his silence with quotes made in the Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport.

Eriksen addressed fans and said: “Thank you, I will not give up. I’m better now – but I want to understand what happened. I want to say thank you all for what you did for me. ”

The scenes over the weekend were awful and they brought back unpleasant memories when Fabrice Muamba did something similar while playing for Bolton in 2012.

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