Max Verstappen kicks things off has become the latest F1 meme

F1 fans around the world were in total disbelief when Max Verstappen crashed out of the lead in the recent Azerbaijan Grand Prix. After his tires exploded at the start / end of Baku, many feared it could be a title-deciding moment. Clearly frustrated by his unreliable Pirelli tires, he gave it a good solid kick and a new meme was born.

Luckily for Max, the intense championship game with Lewis Hamilton is still going strong after Hamilton ran wide at turn 1 after the standing start to a two-round showdown. He finished in 15th, meaning both title providers left Azerbaijan without points. Mental scenes.

A youtube account, F1nest Seven level, has taken things to another level and inserted the clip of Max kicking things in some iconic F1 moments.

We really love the internet sometimes. Like a whole lot.

In addition to videos on YouTube, another F1 fan has now created an Instagram account dedicated to the best edits of Verstappen startup stuff.

It’s not just Max who kicks things either. Verstappen has been edited in several music videos and unusual situations as a result of his feature by Louis Nutley.

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Excellent work all around 👏

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