She has been ‘immensely important’

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Following his victory at NXT TakeOver: In Your House, NXT champion Karrion Kross’ reign continues on top of the black-gold mark.

Kross’ pairing on screen with his girlfriend in reality, Scarlett Bordeaux remains one of the most notable aspects of NXT, as the duo are known for their natural chemistry and their compelling characters.

In a recent appearance on WWE After The Bell, Kross described how influential Scarlett has been on his life, personally and professionally. He noted that Scarlett has personally supported him throughout the pandemic, and she also credited her experienced mind for the company.

“Personally and professionally, while she and I think very similarly, we both complement each other in the opposite direction,” said Kross. “I personally think she is the love of my life. I have found that I have not seen my family for almost two years, especially during the pandemic period. It’s been rough. So it has been immensely important to have her with me during this period. So yes, there it is.

“Professionally, we work really well together. And I say this with respect, while she has not been in the ring for 10 years, she has 10 years in the industry. Many people are not aware of it. She has been in and around and worked with TV wrestling for 10 years, so she understands many things that probably would not occur to most in a shorter period of time. ”

Kross also explained how Scarlett helps him craft ideas in a constructive way, and he emphasized the cohesive nature of mating.

“When Scarlett and I collaborate on ideas, if I’m creatively blocked, she’s able to stand in and basically just help me build a bridge where I can ‘t get anything,” Kross said. “We do not stick our heads out, it’s just that she knows what it’s all about. She can see it and everything she has given, she just crushes. Hers and I are always amazed, so amazed at how cohesive this actually works all the time. It just works really well. ”

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