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View of Sochi from the Black Sea

With the Olympic opening ceremony taking place on February 7, fans around the world will line up to see their favorite challengers compete for the gold medal. As usual, the Olympics promise to be an exciting sporting event, where both former champions and underdogs have the chance to compete for the world’s most coveted medals. As with previous Olympics, there will be some intense rivalries, surprising disturbances and inspiring underdog stories coming from Sochi. Here are a few things you would like to know about the Olympics:

1.) Sochi is the center of it all

The formerly unknown Russian city has been put heavily into the international spotlight. A popular summer town with a population of around 300,000, Sochi is now better known as the host city for the 2014 Winter Olympics. Located on the shores of the Black Sea, the Russian port city will become a busy hub during the Olympic Games. Although there have been security concerns due to the tumultuous history of southern Russia, Olympic officials are convinced that the city will be a safe place to compete.

2.) This is the most expensive Olympics ever

According to TIME magazine, “In 2007, when Russia won its bid to host the 2014 Winter Olympics, the country estimated that the game would cost $ 12 billion. Seven years later … the cost of the games has exploded to an estimated $ 50 billion, reports CNN, which is considered to be the most expensive Olympics in history. “Previously, the Beijing ceremony in 2008 had the record for the most expensive Olympic Games with a price of 42 billion dollars. Russia has far surpassed it, and it is also three times more expensive than the most expensive winter games. Business Insider reported that there are several factors contributing to this: First, Sochi is not the most logical place for the winter matches. Even though it gets cold in the winter, many feared that it would not be cold enough. As a result, expensive measures have been taken to ensure that there is enough snow on the ground. Therefore, a large amount of construction had to be built – including a 31-mile road between Sochi and a mountain resort that hosted the ski and snowboard events. In addition, there are significant safety issues, which means that much more is spent on safety than before in the Olympics.

3.) Figure skating is the star of the show

Julia Lipnitskaia from RussiaAccording to an Associated Press-Gfk poll, half of the Americans surveyed plan to watch the Olympics. 65% of these individuals are over 50, with women making up the majority of the potential supervisors. Although some have expressed concern over the 9-hour delay between Sochi and the US, less than 20% of the population said they were interested in spoilers. Most said they would still enjoy watching the game, even though they already knew who had received medals at the events. 86% of individuals said they would watch events on TV, while 17% planned to stream it online. 35% said they would read about the results online and 20% said they would learn about the results in newspapers. While coverage methods can vary, there is one sport that is far more popular than any other: women’s skating. 24% of the individuals surveyed said it was their favorite sport. The other favorite sport, ice hockey, received only 6% of the vote. The Olympics begin on February 7 and end on February 23. As with all Olympics, this one promises a lot of exciting victories, surprising disruptions and touching underdog stories.

Will Chavez is a sports blogger who enjoys writing about current events in the sporting world. He is excited to see the Olympic athletes at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

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