AJ Lee shows the new Wonder Woman cartoon she wrote

AJ Lee left the pro wrestling world, but she still entertains fans. These fans are simply reading her words now instead of watching her take a bump in the ring. A new 80th anniversary Wonder Woman collection has just fallen and AJ Lee’s work was shown.

CM Punk quickly sent a tweet praising his wife for this feat. He posted a box full of Wonder Woman comics and a caption to encourage fans to get a copy for themselves.

It’s a new cartoon day! If you wake up to your local comic book store, check out @ DCComic’s 80th Anniversary Wonder Woman Anthology! It has a story written by a Wonder Woman I know: @TheAJMendez!

AJ Lee later tweeted to promote his new book. This was not a one-woman effort as she thanked the team who worked hard to pull it all off.

I wrote a Wonder Woman story for @DCComics’ 80s anniversary anthology, beautifully illustrated by @mingdoyle! So many great stories in here by Becky Cloonan, Amy Reeder, Nadia Shammas & Morgan Beem, John Arcudi & Ryan Sook. Available now!

We’ll have to see what AJ Lee can write next. Her status as a former WWE Superstar could have gotten her through the door, but AJ Lee’s talent is what keeps her in constant work.

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