Alex Cuthbert: Exeter Chiefs coach Rob Baxter has no regrets about the winger injury

Alex Cuthbert scored a goal in Exeter’s Premier League semi-final win over Sale on Saturday

Exeter Chiefs coach Rob Baxter says he has “no regrets” bringing former Wales winger Alex Cuthbert to the club.

Cuthbert, 31, will leave the Premier League champions this summer after three injured seasons and return to Wales after that. Agree to join Ospreys.

He has played only 10 times and scored four attempts since November 2019 after shoulder and hamstring injuries, along with a muscle tear.

“He’s a guy who could have had a great career,” Baxter told BBC Sport.

Cuthbert started in the 2019 Premier League final, and last week’s final against Sale, but missed the League and Champions Cup finals that Exeter won last year.

But in three seasons at Sandy Park, the British and Irish managed just 31 games, with players Tom O’Flaherty and Ole Woodburn taking advantage of Cuthbert’s absence.

“There were great games he couldn’t play through injuries and long rehab periods instead of playing long periods of time,” Baxter added.

“I certainly had no regrets about bringing him here, because of the player he was, the influence he had about the place and the friendships he created, as well as the actual big games he’s been in for us.

“I still think it was a win-win scenario for both ourselves and Alex, it was a shame it wasn’t a great time for him based on these injury issues.”

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