For the Vikings, Harrison Hand won the month of June

In the month that hosted the provisional decision to take on contractual Daniel Hunter with the Minnesota Vikings, that event will be the most moving story of the summer — barring an unexpected injury to a player like Kirk Cousins, Dalvin Cook, or Hunter himself.

Hunter will remain with the Vikings at least until the end of 2021, avoiding any objection that had long been seen since an article from the athlete I alluded to the idea. Now, Hunter is in camp and fully committed to the 2021 season. Next spring will be a time to judge his long-term outlook with the franchise (if the season extension doesn’t materialize).

Minnesota also signed cornerback Chudd Breeland and defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson in June, two guaranteed moves to bolster the team’s defensive depth. The main malfunction of the 2020 squad was the lack of depth after players such as Hunter, Michael Pierce, Anthony Barr, Eric Kendricks and Mike Hughes lost too much time. The Breeland and Richardson acquisitions are a major news event, and have been welcomed by nearly every Viking fan.

On the whole, though, Harrison Hand, a sophomore cornerback, won June. And he did it through performances on the pitch – not a contractual or emotional satisfaction (Hunter) or a great addition to the roster (Bryland and Richardson).

The hand was enormous in the June small camp. There is no other way to cut it. The Temple alumni have shown promising parts in 2020 – a season that has largely lacked those that have existed during the pandemic – with cleverness in handling business acumen and a penchant for big defensive plays. These two items are of paramount importance to the young defender.

Minicamp was a forum for Hand to prove those ‘moments’ of brilliance [particularly on Christmas day against the Saints] The types of events weren’t “every dog ​​has his day”. If a small camp is useful [it usually is] And performance in the game versus the Saints on the road carries weight [it does], Hand is on his way to forcing the Vikings hand (accessory?) into the back corner position in terms of playtime.

The room is crowded.

Head coach Mike Zimmer has to reconcile the surprise allotments of Cameron Dantzler, Patrick Peterson, Mackenzie Alexander, Pachaud Breeland and possibly Jeff Gladney. How would the hell’s hand shake in that quartet?

Amazed when he gets the chance – something he has a talent for.

His rise was recognized by others, not just Vikings fans. ESPN Reporter Courtney Cronin witnessed Hand’s actions and nominated him as the “surprising player” of the little Vikings camp. handwritten:

“With Jeff Gladney Absent amid legal cases and Cameron Dantzler Missed out due to an apparent injury, Hand, who was previously in the fifth round, had plenty of reps in first-team defense in OTAs and minicamp. He came out with a few objections. The Vikings moved Hand as an outside corner so she lined him up in the slot, which should help his chances of making the list this fall. High school looks a lot different this year. While Dantzler (if he is healthy), Patrick Peterson And the Bouchud Briland Contestants will be the most likely to earn start-up jobs, and Hande’s mighty spring show could put him in line to beat him with Chris Boyd to one of the last points on the depth chart.

As a dealer of Unexpected Productions, Hand is well on its way to finding out when to play in 2021 – especially if the injury goes wrong again. The draft pick can only be allowed late in this title long before the coach checks that it’s the real deal. The hand is approaching.

If it rises to CB1 or CB2 in time, it will help correct General Manager Rick Spielman’s 5 record.The tenth-proven track record. Out of Stefon Diggs in 2015, 5The tenth The tour has been a disappointment for Vikings over the past decade. Letroy Guion, Jasper Brinkley and Diggs are the only fiveخمسThe tenthDrafted by Minnesota since 2007 to start in more than 20 games with the team.

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