“Happy to finish it at the highest level” – BJ Watling at the NZ Winning WTC Final

BJ Watling Show tremendous determination to keep going despite having a dislocated finger in ICC World Test Championship Final against India. It all ended on a happy note for him as his team beat India in the inaugural World Trials Final. He finished his career with 75 tests of his name with 257 grips in coordination.

He was emotional and cheerful as he interacted with the Star Sports commentators panel after the match. He looked at his memorable career and said he was very proud to be part of such a large group of players on the team.

BJ Watling’s finger is evaluated by a physicist. (Credits: Twitter)

“It’s been a lot of hard work for our team as a group for a long time. And crossing the streak like that was very satisfying. Some of us were at the top, some at the bottom, and it was great that we finished it with two of the best teams on the pitch on a pitch that was still progressing a bit. The World Trade Center is very exciting for the game. It puts a lot of pressure on the test game, and I’m really excited.”

BJ Watling's Final Exam
BJ Watling leads the kiwi side to the floor. (Image: Twitter)

“Happy to finish it at the highest level” – BJ Watling

BJ Watling thanked his family for their support throughout his career. He had special mentions for his mother, wife and children. He looked at his international career and said he was happy to finish it at the highest level.

I would like to thank my family back home. My mom has been a great help during difficult times. My wife, Jess, has two sons, Miller and Hudson. It’s been a long time away from home. Watling concluded with a very special team, and I am very pleased to finish it at a high level.”

The New Zealand side will be looking to defend their World Test Championship title next session without BJ Watling’s mascot.

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