He explained England’s need to top the group through the road to the final

Explain England's path to the final

England topped Group D

England advanced to the top of their group thanks to a 1-0 win over the Czech Republic at Wembley, and 24 hours later, the full benefit of being top was seen.

Although the initial reward seems like more pain than pleasure, hosting Germany at Wembley, the advantage is that England have ended up on the more favorable side of the championship tree.

An easier way to the final?

If the Three Lions succeed in overcoming their old opponent and reach the quarter-finals of the competition, they will face either Sweden or Ukraine, who will meet in Hampden Park on the same day with England and Germany.

Win that, and they can take on four sides; Holland, Czech Republic (which they have already defeated), Wales or Denmark.

Obviously, none of these games can be considered “easy” by any means, but had they finished second in the group, they would have found themselves on the “wrong side”.

This side of the draw includes Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Spain and France, with England needing to beat three of these teams to reach the final.

When put together with the half-tie that England managed to reach, it is clear that England have dodged many potentially huge bullets.

If they can get to the final, they will of course have to play one of those two sides, but they will have a much greater chance of winning them for 90 minutes than doing so against three different teams.

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