Ime Udoka is leaving Brooklyn for a job as Boston Celtics coach

Brooklyn Nets assistant coach Ime Udoka filled the first vacant position in the NBA this season by being Brad Stevens’ first appointment as the new chief of basketball operations for the Boston Celtics.

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski released the news of the appointment of the new Celtics team.

Odoka, 43, spent seven seasons in the NBA as a player with the Lakers, Knicks, Trail Blazers, Tottenham and Kings while also spending time abroad.

Oduka was Tottenham’s assistant in Greg Popovich’s crew, and spent a season as an assistant with the Philadelphia 76ers, and as an assistant nether this season.

Odoka was part of the San Antonio business team that won the 2014 NBA title.

It now follows Brad Stevens, who held the title of Head Coach for seven seasons before his promotion followed General Motors Danny Inge retired.

According to Wojnarowski, Udoka has gained momentum among the Celtics as a lead candidate because he is a former player and his relationship with Celtics Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown is with Team USA.

These players expressed their “great support” for Odoka.

Udoka’s patience and hard work as an assistant in the league have given him a great opportunity and it will be interesting to see what he can do with the often disappointed squad this season.

Ime Udoka now has the task of maximizing the talents of star players Tatum and Brown while counting on Stevens to give him the chops needed to fight for the title.

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