Kohli says the best of the three series would be perfect for defining the World Trade Center مركز

India captain Virat Kohli said the World Test Championship should be decided in a best-of-three series after his team suffered an eight-wicket loss against New Zealand in their one-time opening final in Southampton on Wednesday.

India’s second-round breakdown on Day Six put New Zealand a target of 139 out of 53. Ken Williamson (52 no) and Ross Taylor (47 no) led New Zealand to their first title since 2000.

Asked if the nerves were better than his men, Kohli said: “Firstly, I’m not entirely in agreement with the best test side in the world being decided by one game. If it’s a test series, it should be a character test over three games to judge which team can To be back in the series. It can’t be the pressure applied over two days of good cricket that judges you that you’re not a good team anymore.”

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World Trade Center Final: Williamson, Taylor lead New Zealand to historic victory in Southampton

“It is something that needs to be worked around in the future (by the ICC). Having a chance (to decide the best team) at the end of three matches, where there are ups and downs and a chance to right things that went wrong in the first match, would be a good gauge of how things are going.” .

New Zealand beat India by eight wickets to win the World Trade Championship

room for improvement

While Kohli reiterated that India would not be affected by the result, he emphasized the need to add more match winners to the demo side. “We weren’t too bothered by this result because we understand what we’ve done as a testing aspect for the past three or four years, let alone the last 18 months.

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“If you see the white ball team now, we have great guys who are ready and confident. Same thing to do with the testing side. You have to re-evaluate, redesign and understand the dynamics that work for the team and how fearless it can be. Bring the right people with the right mindset. to perform,” Kohli said.

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Plan a tour of England

The Indian side will now go on a month-long break ahead of the five-match test series against England in August. Kohli said his team will be up for the challenge despite playing meager matches. “We wanted to play first-class matches (against the provinces), but that was not given to us. I don’t know what the reasons for that are. But our preparation will be enough for us to be ready for the first test.”

Kohli also highlighted the areas his team needs to focus on. “We need a better plan to understand how to score goals (in these circumstances). We need to stay in sync with the momentum of the game and not let it drift too far. I don’t think there are any technical difficulties (for batsmen) and it’s more about being aware of the game and not letting the bowlers run around. in similar areas for longer periods.”


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