NTSPY Volleyball Finalists: Legia Williams | Sports

The 6-foot-3 outside hitter/midfield blocker was a dominant force over the Lions last season. Williams led the team in kills (389), kills per set (5.0), solos (72) and total blocks (74) while placing second in pits (218) and third in aces (32).

“It was a very nice year of graduation. We won one of the tournaments we’ve been in, and I think it was Lawrenceburg, and it was really fun, and everyone was on point,” said Williams, who also scored 64.3 kills and 474 hits.

However, Williams was unable to play in the first round of the state championship (i.e. the division) due to the COVID quarantine.

“I was watching it at home. I was so happy,” she recalls watching her win her fourth title in a row. “I was screaming, I left the phone and everything.”

She returned to the area, as Trinity Lutheran defeated Rock Creek 3-1 in the semifinals.

After the season, Williams was selected to the first division team in Class A by the Indiana High School Volleyball Coaches Association. In addition, she was selected for the IHSVCA Senior All-Star Team.

Williams will continue her career at the University of Cincinnati.

“I’m really nervous, but I really like my teammates, so I feel like that will make the transition easier,” she said.

Another thing that should help in this regard is the presence of her twin sister, Lagoi, who will be the team manager.

“I feel like this will make the transition easier as well because she’s coming with me and I’ll be with her too,” Williams said.


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