Samson: MLB owners don’t realize when players and sports look bad, they look bad too

If you think the drama of foreign matter will go away after a little while, think again.

On Tuesday, referees check Washington citizens jar Max Scherzer For foreign materials twice, but Philadelphia Phyllis Manager Joe Girardi wanted to make sure of that, and have the start checked for a third time. Scherzer was clearly upset and frustrated between the two teams It ended with Gerardi being sent off, After heading to the field for some words.

David Samson discusses how this is affecting the league and what they should do about it in the latest episode of Nothing Personal With David Samson.

Samson describes what happened saying that Scherzer was acting as if he was over the check, apparently saying “Don’t waste my time”.

The podcast host added, “One of the things that makes Joe, Joe, is [that] He’s very competitive and that’s a good thing, but he’s very misleading which is bad,” which led him to ask for the check even when he doesn’t need to.

Now that there’s a mandatory screening, Samson said, he’s removed any need for the manager to involve himself in the situation, “but Joe couldn’t help himself.” And it turned into an absolute embarrassment for MLB. “

Samson explains that the players under Athletic Agent Scott Borras told them that the only reason it was being done now was to split the players. He believes the MLB sent the memo as a way to divide players and bowlers, which would ultimately affect the next Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

The CBA is the negotiated agreement that governs nearly every aspect of the business relationship between management (clubs) and employment (players). The current CBA is set to expire after the 2021 season.

“And wink, maybe they did,” said Samson. “But the other reason is that the game…has become increasingly unpopular and unwatchable. That’s why.” “So MLB is doing something that has a direct benefit. Obviously to stop foreign material, [but also] to increase crime.

While Samson says the MLB won’t be outraged if this memo causes turmoil when the time comes for a collective bargaining agreement, that’s not the immediate benefit.

“If this kind of disagreement continues between the parties, we will collectively fail,” he adds.

Today Samson sat wondering what he would do if it was MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred.

“What would you do if you were a Rob? Because that’s an absolute joke now, we’re crushed,” Samson said. “Every platform talks about how embarrassing the MLB is. Every platform says something that needs to change.”

The podcast host believes that the memo should be disposed of for now, but believes that now in principle owners will not get rid of the memo or change the way the material is verified.

“They don’t realize that by the appearance of bad players, the sport looks bad and they look bad,” concludes Samson.

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