The source says the NFL will begin the bidding process for cities to host an annual scouting gathering starting in 2023

The NFL has informed its teams that it will accept bids from cities other than Indianapolis to host its annual scouting group starting in 2023, a source confirmed to ESPN Wednesday.

According to the source, all NFL teams will have the opportunity to let the league know if they have an interest in hosting the group as well as the upcoming NFL Drafts and Super Bowls.

The gathering has been held in Indianapolis since 1987, although only the medical portion has been held this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the gathering is scheduled for 2022 there as well. Indianapolis is expected to bid to continue hosting the event, but starting in 2023, it will have competition.

The Indianapolis Business Journal was the first to report on the development, which was the result of the NFL’s continued push to develop its landmark events. The league’s success in rotating the draft site in recent years is part of the motivation to try the same with the merger.


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