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Hand-to-hand combat is one of the oldest sports and most popular modern training programs for achieving full body fitness. Whether you need a toned core or want to learn how to strengthen self-defense skills, Muay Thai and traditional martial arts can achieve these goals.

What is a martial art?

Martial arts, also called martial arts, are the purest forms of self-defense and sportsmanship. In these contact sports, two fighters are pitted against each other and challenged to earn enough points for a fighter to be declared the winner. Although martial arts seem rough, all warriors must follow the same rules of engagement. The technical conditions vary depending on the discipline. In some cases, the rules are based on specific challenges, demonstrations or practices. They are typically designed to encourage hand-to-hand engagement that incorporates movements learned through katas and training sessions.

Various martial arts

Today there are many different martial arts. Boxing, kickboxing, wrestling and martial arts are all martial arts. Some of these sports are modern, while others have been practiced for centuries. Most martial arts follow a specific set of rules and traditions. These sports are practiced for self-defense, competition, physical fitness and mental development. Many of these sports require warriors to use only his or her body to carry out approved strikes. Other disciplines emphasize swords and weapons. For example, boxing is a competition for strength, speed and endurance until a knockout is achieved or a winner can be named at the end of the rounds. In sword fighting, the sword fighter must fight against an opponent using only one sword. Kickboxing is a group of martial arts that uses traditional kicking and punching moves used in martial arts.

Judo is a popular Olympic level martial arts from Japan, developed by Jigoro Kano in 1882. The purpose of this highly competitive system is to throw the opponent to the ground or to immobilize the competitor by means of a legitimate fighting movement. Muay Thai is a traditional martial art practiced in Thailand and parts of Asia. This system uses a series of strikes and clinching movements to be completed while standing.

These sports keep you in shape and safe

Any of these martial arts can keep you in shape and safe. In fact, these sports can be practiced daily as an alternative to traditional training regimes. Regular exercise detoxifies the body, benefits the organs and improves endurance. Martial arts are ideal for improving self-confidence and self-discipline, which can help in the workplace and in many dangerous situations where determination, perseverance and self-defense are necessary.


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