Three current or former Cowboys appear on a “possible disappointing player in 2021” list

It does not really matter in the overall schedule of things, but the Cowboys are tangentially associated with three players appearing on Bleacher Report’s list of “a possible disappointing player from each team”. They looked at all 32 teams and chose a player who could be disappointing in the 2021 season. Although the Cowboys are only one team, two players who have recent history with Dallas were choices for other teams.

For the Cowboys, the possible disappointing player was Ezekiel Elliott. As we have noted many times here, Zeke’s production has been on a downward trajectory over the last few years. When your production goes down but your contract is still an immense size for your position, disappointing is a brand that will be thrown around.

The bad news is that Elliot has endured a lot of wear and tear as a professional. He has carried the ball 1,413 times in five seasons while catching 241 passes. He has also led the league in quick attempts twice. The reality is that Elliott’s 2020 performance – with and without Prescott – is probably an accurate indication of where he is in his career.

Elliott may still be above average. However, the above average does not fully justify $ 13.7 million cap hit he is scheduled to wear in 2021.

Nothing that is inaccurate, but they also notice, as we have done a few times, that Elliott appears to be on a mission this offseason to solve his problems. Those around the Cowboys have been talking about how good Zeke looks out of season, and that he is faster in his carvings and footwork. He is also focused on who he has decided to blow the media off on a regular basis.

With Dak Prescott back and with his offensive supposedly healthy, this season will be a huge indicator of where Zeke is headed. If he can reverse his recent downward trend, his future may be a Hall of Fame running backwards. If it continues to decline, his future in Dallas may be limited. His contract has a legitimate expulsion for the Cowboys after the 2022 season.

There are two other “Cowboys” that appear on this list. One is Robert Quinn for the Bears. Quinn had a huge 2019 season for the Cowboys (11.5 sacks), and he divided it into a big five-year deal with the Bears. Last year, he had two sacks and 16 hits on QB, not exactly the production they were hoping for, and Quinn is now 31 years old. It seems the cowboys made the right decision to let him go.

The other player is Cameron Erving. He had an injury-plagued season with the Cowboys last year when he filled in by tackling with five starts, but was not overly impressive. He signed a two-year deal with the Panthers and will protect Sam Darnold this season.

As for the rest of the NFC East, the most disappointing player prospects are: WR Kadarius Toney (Giants), OT Andre Dillard (Eagles) and OT Charles Leno (Football Team).

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