We brainstormed ideas and Tony Khan liked our connection

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In wrestling, finding success can simply boil down to a popular saying: “If it is not broken, do not correct it.”

AEW stars Serpentico and Luther of the Chaos Project recently appeared Chris Jericho’s podcast ‘Talk Is Jericho’ and pairing with odd balls shared their tag teams’ origin history. Serpentico described how they just tried to think of ideas, tried them and hoped for the best.

“I heard the rumble of ‘Hi, this may happen in the future, but do not get too excited, wrestling is changing minute by minute,’ explained Serpentico. “So a couple of months ago they came to me and they told us they were putting us together in a fight for Dark. And they wanted to see what we could do. So we brainstormed a few ideas, and that was then the relationship between him [Luther] to use me as a weapon arose.

“I’m usually the smallest guy in a fight, no, so I lift no one. But what if he can just throw me at people? That’s how it was born, just brainstorming ideas at the back, as if it works, it works, if it doesn’t, it doesn’t. We just tried different things, we wanted to come up with things and try it. They talked about trying it because he was ‘evil’ and I was ‘evil’. ”

Jericho then reminded AEW President Tony Khan of the awareness of Serpentico and Luther’s connection as the reason he kept them together as a duo on screen.

“I remember what Tony said about putting you together in a fight, and he just saw the connection between the two of you.”

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