Today’s Papers – Another CR7 Record, Italy’s Recipe for Mancini

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Today’s Papers – Another CR7 Record, Italy’s Recipe for Mancini

Gazzetta dello sport

mansieu touch

How CT built this Italy

Mancini had the best of the Italian league: the running of the Inter striker, the broad attacks of Milan and Juventus, the style of Napoli and Sassuolo, the aggression of Atalanta.

With Jorginho and Verratti, our midfield is influenced by genius

Similarities to teams 78 and 82

Even Gentiles Believe: ‘We Can Go Away’

CR7 is another record

Get ready against France, and Lukaku will meet in the round of 16

Germany is getting chills

He has 109 international goals, such as the Iranian Ali Daei

Luis Enrique rediscovers the real Spain

Sweden OK, Poland KO


He is closer to Juventus, the key is Dragosin

Work with Sassuolo on the formula

the judge

Paris Saint-Germain is about to happen now

Chelsea are still trying though, 55m plus Alonso

French width 65 m for the Internet

corjun24 -

Corriere dello Sport

beauty CR7

Ronaldo keeps Portugal alive with two penalties, setting a new record

France stopped (2-2): Cristiano meets Lukaku in the round of 16

The hero of Benzema’s novel, now for Switzerland الآن

Spain Manita vs Slovakia: Modric’s danger خطر

Sweden leads, Lewa a double, but Poland still goes home

A Russian senior is close to a miracle

Germany trembles with Hungary: now for England

Italy 8.5, but Belgium’s talent is scary

Locatelli, try to agree between Juventus and Sassuolo

Top Nacional midfielder: The path has been set

The difference of 10 million between Inter and Paris Saint-Germain is still for Hakimi

Fiorentina, Gonzalez official

Lazio pressing for Brandt

tutjun24 -


CR7, always me!

Ronaldo seals Portugal 2-2 with France thanks to a penalty shootout double and equals Ali Daei’s Iranian record: 109 international goals.

He will face Belgium Lukaku in the round of 16

Great Hungary almost made a coup with Germany

Locatelli: Only Juventus!

Azzurri star says no to Borussia Dortmund and Arsenal: The Bianconeri are pressing Sassuolo

Duel with Milan for Caio Jorge

Hakimi to Paris Saint-Germain: Here we are!

Negotiations with Inter are in the final stage: there are still some details to work on, and it could be closed soon for 70m

Toru: Berisha is close, thoughts of Buick and Hanko

Discussion with the goalkeeper about the contract, they like Hajduk winger and Sparta defender

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