Tom Brady might call the Raiders or 49ers in this rant

Tom Brady could not believe that this one team was not interested in signing him in his free agency.

In a promo of his guests’ appearances on HBOs The store, Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady tells how to NFL the team decided to stick with their inferior quarterback over him in his free agency.

Brady ended up leaving New England Patriots to Tampa Bay over Los Angeles Chargers. While the Bolts made a smart move by drafting Justin Herbert No. 6 overall out of Oregon that spring, we have to wonder which team Brady is totally crazy about in this episode of The store. The two most likely teams could be San Francisco 49ers or the Las Vegas Raiders, teams that would have witnessed instant odds increase their Super Bowl chances had Brady signed.

Is there anything we can pick up on Brady’s delivery that could reveal the free agent’s loser?

Tom Brady may have crushed the Raiders or 49ers in his rant at The Shop

What makes the 49ers and Raiders possible suspects is that they were on the short list of teams he would potentially go to in free agency, but were not finalists like the Bolts and Bucs were. Two other teams that could be outside candidates to theoretically fit this bill are New Orleans Saints and Tennessee Titans. Is he digging on Jimmy Garoppolo, Derek Carr or anyone else?

If you want to throw Drew Brees and Ryan Tannehill into the mix, he probably will not rip Brees, as Brady certainly respects a future first vote Pro Football by Famer. But if Brees retired before last season, Brady may have gone to the Saints. As for Tannehill, he’s your best candidate for dark horse, as Tennessee makes sense. He also played for the rival Miami Dolphins.

But to speak it openly and refer to another starting quarterback in the way it does not feel like Carr. Why would Brady refer to a believing man whom he does not play so often degradingly? This was the reason why this excavation was probably in Garoppolo or maybe even Tannehill, if Brady is so insanely petty. Brady and Garoppolo were former teammates in New England in the late 2010s.

All in all, the only team that was a serious competitor to land Brady that did not, but still came out of it okay, was Chargers. It’s only because they drafted a bona fide stud in Herbert in the coming weeks. Brees has since retired. Tannehill lost its offensive coordinator this offseason. Carr has never played in a playoff game, and the 49ers just drafted Garoppolo’s future successor.

While this should remain a mystery for the rest of the time, we always love it when Brady gets petty.

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