Valkyrae gives worried fans a health update after being hospitalized for six hours

On June 22, YouTube streamer Valkyrae, real name Rachel Hofstetter, tweeted that she had to “cancel streaming today.” In her original post, she added that she was in the hospital for what was originally thought to be appendicitis, but “may be something else.” Valkyrae then ended the tweet that she would “make it up to you later!”

Later that day, after being hospitalized for six hours and running various tests for her vague abdominal pain, Valkyrae tweeted on her unconfirmed account that she would “rest today” but that the hospital would have her back the following day for more tests.

Valkyrae explained that abdominal pain was caused by cysts on the ovaries. She described the pain as “sharp” with a “bloated, uncomfortable bowel.” Valkyrae also said the pain could not be identified to a specific area.

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Valkyrae’s fan pours for her hospital visit

Following Valkyrae’s original tweet on her verified account, she received many responses from other streamers who wished her the best for her recovery during her mysterious abdominal pain.

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The wishes continued after Valkyrae updated the public on her condition after leaving the hospital. Many asked Valkyrae to rest and waited for an update on the curious condition.

Valkyrae’s break was short-lived when she announced she would stream on June 23. Valkyrae said she “would fit into a short stream before Mom arrived tonight hoping to quit Octodad and / or there’s no game!”

Valkyrae also mentioned that she would undergo health updates and her hospital experience as she felt stable. Fans were quick to offer their love and support to the streamer while still wishing her the best in her state of health.

There have been no other updates on Valkyrie’s health at this time. Also, at the time of this article, her stream was not live. Valkyrae recently updated that she is streaming on June 24 and moving into her new house on June 25.

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