What is the most embarrassing loss in the career of Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.?

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr lost to Anderson Silva last weekend, another blow to his reputation

Cal Yafai
Previous WBA Titlist

I think the most embarrassing loss for Chavez should be against Anderson Silva. He’s not even a boxer! He’s a legend in mixed martial arts but boxing? Come on. I suspect Chavez is great More embarrassing than Junior.

Paul Smith
Former British Champion

I think it should be the last loss. He’s someone I’ve always thought veered against some of the “fighting sons” because he can fight. He’s clearly not making the effort to be a good fighter. The loss to an MMA professional he passed, with respect, is a kick in the teeth for him but also for boxing.

Paul Reddy
boxing manager

Every time lose weight! He sympathized a little because he could not bear the burden of his title. Chávez treats Father Canelo as his true heir and torchbearer for Mexico.

Chris McKenna
sports reporter

I didn’t see this crap this weekend with the former cage fighter, but it should be there if it’s an official fight. When he didn’t come out in sixth against Daniel Jacobs it was also bad. A profession that promised so much has become somewhat of a joke, which is a shame.

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