Report: Ronaldo’s agent, set to meet Juventus

According to reports from Italy and Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo’s agent is set to meet with Juventus about his future.

Now that it’s Portugal of euro originIt’s time to deal with Ronaldo’s future at Juventus. Despite returning in 2018 with an annual salary of €35 million, the Italian giants didn’t get what they paid for. Cristiano won two Serie A titles and the top scorer award, but failed to lead the Bianconeri to the new Champions League title. The old lady hadn’t won this cup since the late 1990s and they thought Ronaldo was the answer.

However, they lacked better organizational skills when forming a perfect team around the superstar. After three years of trying, it appears that Juventus may be interested in selling the player. The main goal is to save up to 75 million euros that they still have to pay off the remaining year of his contract. According to various sources, Cristiano is already looking for a new destination as he does not want to take a big cut in his salary if he decides to stay for another season at the club.

Jorge Mendes is scheduled to meet with Juventus.

to me Record From Portugal, agent Jorge Mendes is set to meet with Juventus to discuss the best possible way to deal with Ronaldo’s future. All roads point to his imminent departure but there are no current offers for him on the table. There are rumors of PSG and Manchester United interest in signing the Portugal legend. However, only the French club can actually pay him what he asks for. We will definitely tell you about the next step in Cristiano Ronaldo’s career.

There’s a good chance we’ll get some interesting news in the coming weeks. This meeting is scheduled to take place in Turin before the end of the weekend. Meanwhile, Cristiano Ronaldo is getting a well-deserved rest ahead of the new season. He recently talked about his future by hinting that anything is possible right now. It will all come down to what happens during this meeting between his agent and his current club. Stay tuned for more updates on this.

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