An alternative World Trade Center model that is fair to all teams

A Reddit user by the name of “peppertxt” on Wednesday (June 30th) made an honest attempt to come up with an alternative. World Test Championship (WTC) A fair model for all participating teams.

The user identified the most talked about flaws in the current arrangement and tried to come up with a system that would make the playing field more even. One that does not leave much to debate and is widely accepted.

Suggested by this user A slightly modified two-tier system., with countries such as the West Indies, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Ireland and Afghanistan joined by Scotland and Nepal in the lower tier.

With each level featuring seven teams, the nations will play six groups each – three at home and three away (as now) – with the length of each series remaining on mutual agreement between the teams.

Tier 1 teams will be tasked with playing one home series and one away series against a Tier 2 team, thus ensuring they don’t miss out against higher tier teams.

According to the points system suggested by this user, there are “There is no reason to give all home series equal weight and all outdoor series equal weight.”

In each of the levels, the user called for the value of the far string to be twice that of the home string, although the weighting in any cross-series would be equal independently of the split.

At level 1, teams will fight for a total of 1200 points during their campaign, via a method: 3 home chains (120 x 3), 3 far chains (240 x 3) and a cross chain (60 x 2), while at level 2, they will each compete for 720 points: ‘3 house chain (60 x 3), 3 far chains (120 x 3) and a cross chain (60 x 2).

While acknowledging that flaws still exist, the user said they are the most “realistic” The model he could have created for the benefit of all teams.

The WTC model isn’t perfect but it’s the best the ICC can come up with (Pic: Twitter/ICC)

An alternative World Trade Center model that is fair to all teams

Opinion: More than realistic, it’s another idealistic view of how the World Trade Center model should be and doesn’t acknowledge why there are flaws in the first place. Earlier this writer has also reiterated why Current WTC Model It is the best the ICC can come up with, given the deeper structural issues in cricket and the large gap between the teams’ financial standings and their resources.

But, even if one gives the model proposed above a chance to be on the discussion table, some obvious loopholes are evident. While there is an attempt to address the issue of “home and away” and bring more teams into the WTC fold, it simultaneously avoids the likes of the West Indies, Bangladesh into a lower division of cricket and increases its misery.

Besides the obvious fact that teams will face the possibility of relegation – even if you give them one or two cross-level streaks – the two-tier system will also mean fewer test matches for already struggling teams since none of the level 2 opposition will be able to play for more than one individual test.

Each household chain at such a level will put an additional impact on their finances and make them weaker over time. If the match test box is revived, this issue may be resolved. But at the moment, there are no discussions in the ICC office on this matter.

And while the idea behind the cross-series is to encourage Tier 1 teams to play Tier 2 teams, the reality of the cricket world is that the likes of India, England and Australia would never agree to push for an extra Test match or two to their calendars, especially at home against an opponent. not profitable.

Also, if the points system focuses on the series and not matches – which the ICC has handled well through a percentage-based points system – there is no improvement from the previous points system, where teams, depending on their financial muscle, play on a series of different sizes.

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