Everton announce Rafa Benitez on a 3-year deal amid widespread protests by Evertonians

In a sensational piece of news, former Liverpool boss Rafael Benitez was officially announced as the new Everton manager despite the heavy criticism and protests from the Evertonians.

The 61-year-old will be successful Carlo Ancelotti who left Everton to join his former employers Real Madrid, Benitez has signed a three-year deal that will keep him at the club until June 2024.

This has made him the second manager along with Edward Barclay (who ruled the toffs back in the 1890s) to have managed both the red and the blue half of Merseyside.

Benitez was a very attractive option for the board as he possesses a hugely impressive CV consisting of a successful record for management at Napoli, Inter Milan, Real Madrid, Valencia and also has Premier League experience with Liverpool, Chelsea and Newcastle. In total, he has won seven majors, including the La Liga crown, the Coppa Italia, the FA Cup, the Uefa Europa League and the Champions League.

Below is the printout of the message on official website:

“I am very happy to be at Everton. During this process, I am very impressed with the ambitions of the senior representatives of the club and their desire to bring success to this historic club. I think it’s a club that goes places. I am determined to play a big role in helping this great club achieve its ambitions. ”

Newly appointed Everton boss Rafael Benitez

Everton’s majority shareholder Farhad Moshiri was amazed at his deep knowledge and experience at the top level praising Benitez, Rafa noted as “a proven winner”.

“Rafa impressed us a lot with his knowledge and experience, but above all the passion and hunger he showed to become a member of our club. We appoint Rafa because we believe he will bring the success of our club and Evertonian. To put it simply – we have to compete at the top end of the league and win trophies. Rafa is a proven winner with extensive experience in coaching internationally and we have secured the best man to achieve it for us. ”

Everton owner Farhad Moshiri

His last period was in the backyards of China managing Dalian Yifang Professional, it turned out to be a disaster over there as his team despite containing some stars who finished just above relegation, maybe he was not committed enough there and competed for a major Prem return.

Benitez is very infamous among Everton believers for the “small club” back in 2007 after a dull draw in the Merseyside derby when asked about the same, the coach clarified that it was only the analysis and the sentence was in terms of the mentality of the opposition meant a “small team” mentality that Everton dug deep to maintain the point and were very conservative and pragmatic in their approach.

This appointment has not gone well according to Everton fans who still hold grudges against Rafa’s red past, there is a toxic atmosphere around the stadium of the rumors linking Benitez to Everton and many feel that this does not end well with the situation that is being toxic around Goodison, threatening banners, posters, social media campaigns and what not to prevent this from happening, but all that has been in vain when the Everton board decided to back the manager instead of fans.

That Positive and negative in the appointment of Rafa: analysis

Rafael Benitez is known for being a tough master of tasks, a man who sticks to his principles by hooks or villains. A very methodical coach who prefers defensive solidity before attacking intentions visible through his time at Newcastle United, Valencia and Napoli etc. As a Spaniard he is one of the “perfectionists” and tries to implement his ideas in the training area.

His team is very well drilled and defensively organized containing workhorses rather than dazzling stars, he prefers to attack talents beforehand, but behind them it is a very stiff structure.

He is a tough man to please and wants to maintain the standards, he is not very popular among the players because of this but the players respect him as they admire his methods which get the best out of certain players.

His time in Newcastle was really undermined for a coach by his standard, but if we look deeply, the situation over there is toxic as they are filled with an owner who does not want to invest, Rafa was honored by Newcastle fans as he was the only ray of light in the dark era and despite a minimal budget, he somehow gets the best out of average players and kept Newcastle in the Premier League frame.

In short, Rafa Benitez is a coach who can get the best out of the players and is very well known for his tactical noise and knowledge of the analytical part of the game. He is also firmly convinced of being a strict coach.

The downside is the enmity between Everton fans and Rafa Benitez, who is a former grudge and, moreover, fans do not believe he can deliver the football brand they want to grace, and this is not the first time Madrid has previously reserved his appointment in Madrid. and his tactics, the solidity of the defense did not digest well among Real Madrid fans and eventually his contract was terminated and the reasons: dissatisfaction / unpopularity among fans, which created dissatisfaction in the locker room and unable to deliver the results he was released despite that he won the UCL the year before and only 4 points behind the table leaders.

The other disadvantage of this appointment, which is not talked about much, is the extent of control he will have over the club as he wants to have greater control over transfers and other matters. It was reported that Everton’s director of football Marcel Brands was against the appointment of the Spaniard regardless of the experience he has previously worked with Benitez, this has the potential to create cracks. Benitez was far too critical of the lack of investment from owner Ashley in Newcastle, which created chaos between fans, the club and the players.

Tell us your opinions about this deal in the comments below. Will it be a success or not?

Rafa Benitez appointed new Everton manager

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